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Misunderstood and sweaty.


I found an old hard drive with 1000's of little part and songs that I've been writing for the last 8 years. Most of it was unusable nonsense, but I did find about 6 hours of weird unexplained material.
Some of these songs are for soundtracks to movies that never got written, scores to ballets in my mind, and concept records I planned to finish that I just gave up on. There is also scripted dialog and weird scenes from home movies that I just have the audio to.

There will only be 200 of these made, and no digital file will ever be used. This is just a special limited piece of art that I made, and wanted to share with you. You will hopefully never find this on SPOTIFY, or Apple Music, pandora or whatever. It's just for the small number of us that get to share in it together. I made the tapes and art by hand. Jason Lott printed the jackets and stickers for me at his shop, and Andrew Fox mixed it for me on his computer.

Every month or so I'm going to release more weird noise b sides and vignettes.

Dont feel like you have to buy this, it's going to be weird. But if you want to heAr weird songs that I've written that no one else in the worlds history will ever hear, this is a cool little thing to have.

Sold Out